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Trap The Cat

About Trap The Cat

Trap the Cat is an intellectual puzzle game in which your job is simply to click on circle boxes to create a cage and trap the black cat inside. The game starts with a minimalist interface: the board with various green circle boxes looks like a bee hive, with a black cat inside. Your mission is very clear: just prevent the cat from jumping off the board. Once the cat escapes the cage, the game is over. That sounds easy, but in fact, it’s not as simple as you expect. It means you can not click the boxes randomly. Besides having a wise strategy, you also enhance your quickness. Jump into the game and enjoy!


Trap the Cat is a free online game that can be played on a PC or mobile device (phones, tablets, etc.).

Without a 3D-graphics design with colorful characters, this game still captured players attention of all ages with its simple gameplay and challenging puzzles.

This game with unlimited levels is a good way to exercise your brain.

Tips, tricks, and tactics to win the Trap the Cat game

This game is considered easy to play with simple rules, but it’s easy to lose if you don’t have a wise, detailed strategy.

Foremost, predicting the cat’s movement direction is the first important key to choosing suitable boxes. Never click on the random boxes or you will lose quickly.

Second, there is a popular mindset that choosing the closest box to mark will lock the cat immediately and you will complete the game quickly. That’s true, but you leave the game soon because of losing instead of winning. Actually, this is not a brilliant tip. It will let the cat escape your cage quickly.

In fact, capturing the cat can be quite tricky. You had better start from further away than the cat because if you build too close, that cat is clever enough to find a way to jump out.

Last but not least, learning from failure is considered a useful tip. If you keep losing several times, don’t worry, you still have a reset button.

Feedback from players

Some players leave feedback after playing this game. Most of them agree that Trap the Cat is really a challenging game that makes players rage. That’s the point of this game. Although there are some ads that pop up while playing, they're not supposed to interrupt your set.


Since its first launch, Trap the Cat has gone viral thanks to its simplicity and intelligence. It can be said that Trap the Cat is an interesting and addictive game. You will not give up until you achieve your goal, despite having previously failed.

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