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Zodiac Wars

About Zodiac Wars

Welcome to Zodiac Wars game to have more great experiences!
- Zodiac Wars a top-down shooter game where your character/ship automatically fires upwards
- You use the mouse to move your character/ship around the screen, avoiding falling meteors
- Enemies (likely themed after the zodiac signs) will appear and move across the screen
- You'll need to maneuver your character to dodge meteors while also aiming your upward firing at the enemy zodiac sign characters
- Defeating all the enemy zodiac characters on a level allows you to advance
- Power-ups or special abilities could be tied to certain zodiac signs to make gameplay more varied
- The levels and enemies may get progressively harder and incorporate more mechanics related to zodiac mythology

So in summary, it seems like a top-down avoid-and-shoot style arcade game, but with a zodiac theme influencing the enemies, obstacles, and maybe power-ups. Let me know if I'm understanding the core gameplay loop correctly based on your description! Moving solely with the mouse while auto-firing upwards definitely seems like it could make for a fast-paced, challenging experience.


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