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Trap the Mouse

About Trap the Mouse

The way to play it is like the game "Trap the Cat." You will win by pressing the platforms around the mouse so that they have no way out!
Players take turns rolling the dice to move their mouse along a path around the game table, from the starting void to a continuous loop at the end. A Rube Goldberg-like mousetrap is assembled in the center of the board, with the player adding one or more of its pieces as they land on designated "build" tiles. Traps are always assembled in a certain order and are attached to the board by inserting tabs into the holes and locking them in place.

Along the end loop are additional "build" gaps (in case the trap is still unfinished), a "cheese" space placed directly below the trap cage, and a "crank-spin" space. If a player lands on the "crank" space while the opponent is on the "cheese" space, the crank can be turned on the machine to start it; If the machine works properly and the cage lands on the "cheese" box, that opponent is eliminated from the game. The winner is then the last person left after all the other players are captured.

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