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Trap the Mouse

About Trap the Mouse

It's played similarly to the game "Trap the Cat." By pressing the platforms around the mouse so they are unable to move, you will win!
In order to move their mouse from the beginning void to the final continuous loop, players take turns rolling the dice. The player builds up a mousetrap a la Rube Goldberg in the middle of the board by adding one or more of its components as they touch down on specific "build" tiles. Traps are usually put together in a specific order, and they are fastened to the board by latching the tabs into the holes.

Additional "build" gaps, a "cheese" space located just below the trap cage, and a "crank-spin" space can all be found along the end loop in case the trap is still being built. The machine can be started by turning the crank if a player falls on the "crank" space while the opponent is on the "cheese" space. If the machine functions successfully and the cage settles on the "cheese" box, that opponent is removed from the game. The remaining player standing after all the other players have been caught is declared the winner.

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