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Circle The Cat

About Circle The Cat

Circle The Cat is a classic, straightforward puzzle game. Similar to the famous game Trap The Cat, this game with the same rules and gameplay captivates the player’s attention worldwide. In this game, the player will compete with a cheeky black cat. Don’t underestimate your opponent because he is more brilliant than you expect.

In the beginning, the cat stayed in the middle of the board, which was surrounded by numerous dots (or circle boxes). He will move when the player clicks on the dot to create a cage. As the cat tries to escape from the barrier, your task is to prevent him from jumping out. Once he successfully escapes the cage, you will lose. It’s not an easy game, but you have to use your wise strategy to master it.


With its simple rules and gameplay, this game is suitable for all ages. No matter who you are, if you are looking for an intellectual game, Circle The Cat is recommended to you.

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