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About Super Mario Bros

The original version of the Mario series has made a bump since it first launched in 1985. Don’t let the worldwide fans of this legendary game series be disappointed. Nintendo Entertainment System, the developer of the game, created and launched a new version, Super Mario Bros.

The game’s multiplayer mode includes some plot roles for Mario. The player controls the main character, Mario, and his brother, Luigi, is controlled by the second player. Their goal is to go through the fictional Mushroom Kingdom and save Princess Toadstool.

In this game, Mario and Luigi have to dodge each stage by eliminating monsters, gathering things, solving puzzles, and staying alive.

Jump into the game and immerse yourself in the fantastic and challenging world of Mario, one of the most famous and iconic games ever!


The original soundtrack and sound effects have become legendary for the series and have been incorporated into modern games. The composed music has become one of the most popular video game themes worldwide.

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