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Stack Colors!

About Stack Colors!

In the hypercasual game "Stack Colors!" you travel from side to side to gather colored blocks. For a significant reward multiplier, stack as many colors as you can and kick them as forcefully as you can across the finish line.

Playing Swipe to collect
To align your character with the proper hue, swipe them from left to right. Only blocks of the same color as the ones you're holding can be picked up. If you step on the incorrect color, you lose blocks and get a higher fever.

Enter a fevered rage
To enter fever mode, keep stacking the right color without making any mistakes. When in fever mode, every object has the same color and is available for one-handed picking up. You temporarily become an unstoppable color-collecting machine because obstacles are also erased.

Set your colors free
Grab as many bricks as you can, then tap quickly in the direction of the goal to launch them into the air. The further they move, the more force you apply and the more blocks you have.


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