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About Dino Game

A wonderful unlimited runner game that transports you to a world teeming with dinosaurs is called Dino Game. This game is fun for those who want to leap over hurdles. Exploring a planet full of extinct species is also entertaining. You take control of a little Tyrannosaurus rex as you traverse a side-scrolling landscape full of cactus, pterosaurs, and other hazards.The dinosaur in the game always goes from left to right in a black-and-white desert.

As the game progresses, the items become faster and more difficult to evade. In the game, it also transforms from day to night. After the player reaches roughly 700 points, the images switch from dark gray on a white backdrop to light gray on a black background.

Playing advice


When to jump: In order to win the game, you must timing your dodges and jumps. Anticipate obstacles and take appropriate action as necessary. If you jump too soon or too late, you will strike something.
A lot of practice: The more you play, the better you'll become. Playing and understanding how the game functions should take some time.
Be mindful of any walls: Pay attention to the impediments and attempt to predict when they will appear. Your attention can be readily diverted by the scene or music. This will facilitate your ability to steer clear of obstacles.

How-To Operate

Use more than one key to operate your dinosaur. To jump over obstacles and dodge them, use the space bar and the up button keys. This allows you greater control over the dinosaur and facilitates avoiding obstacles.

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