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About Euchre

We're going to play Euchre. When a player names a suit, they are saying that their partnership wants to win most of the tricks in the hand. When the bid is successful, the team that gets the trump gets one point, and if it does all five tricks, it gets two points (known as the "march"). When a partnership doesn't win three tricks, it's called "euchred," and the other player gets two points.

A caller with very good cards can "go it alone" and win the march without the help of a teammate. The caller's partner in the lone hand doesn't play, and the winning team gets 4 points if the caller makes the march. Only one point is scored if only three or four tricks are done on their own. If a player on their own euchres, the other team still only gets 2 points.

The most important thing to remember about Euchre is that you don't have to play the trump card (unless it's a trailing piece), but you should if you can. I hope you have a great time.


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