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About FNAF Security Breach

The player controls Gregory, who is locked in a pizza complex with Freddy Fazbear's murderous cartoons and must complete missions to escape. Glamrock Freddy, Glamrock Chica, Montgomery Gator, Roxanne Wolf, Day Waiter, Glamrock Endoskeletons, Wind-Up Music Men, and DJ Music Man are found throughout the mall. Gregory will also encounter Vanessa, the security guard, and Vanny, a depraved and murderous woman in a bunny suit. S.T.A.F.F. the robot can warn the enemy of Gregory's location if detected/give him a map.

Glamrock Freddy helps Gregory avoid his co-animatronics, star's unlike previous installments. Gregory hid in Freddy's "birthday cake and oversized piata" compartment. Gregory can see through Freddy's eyes and use him to bypass other animatronics while inside his "hatched birthday cake." Moon and Vanny aren't fooled. Freddy has limited battery power; if he's low, he'll malfunction and kill Gregory if he's inside him. Freddy can get two battery life extensions, overload voice-activated locks, and stun robots as the game progresses. Otherwise, break chainlock fences for collectibles. Freddy can give Gregory advice, shortcuts, or warn him about mall threats.

As night falls, enemies become stronger, so players must adapt. Gregory can hide or throw things to distract enemies. Running drains Gregory's stamina and slows him down. To avoid getting caught in some confrontations, use strategy. Gregory has a flashlight and wears a "Faz-Watch" on his wrist to access missions, camera systems, his location in the mall, and Freddy. Flashlights are limited and must be recharged often. "Faz Camera" and "Fazerblaster" temporarily stun enemies. Faz Camera stuns all sensitive enemies in front of the player but recharges slowly. Fazerblaster can be fired six times before reloading, but one headshot stuns an animatronic or S.T.A.F.F. Game choices affect multiple paths and endings. Office exit is included. This game allows free roaming and combat, has boss battles (some optional), and takes place in one night, not five. Most games last six hours, with time passing in-game. story. Video games included minigames.

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