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About Run Gun Robots

Do you enjoy developing games? We at Run Gun Robots are looking to add a talented game developer to our staff. We are a small independent game development company situated in Austin, Texas. A minimum of three to five years of expertise in both web and mobile device development will be required of the ideal candidate. Additionally, they must be passionate about creating engaging online experiences for players and have a solid grasp of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other contemporary Web development technologies.

You've put a lot of effort into the design and research for your most recent project. The world needs to see it now! the complete version of Nightdive Studios' most recent Construct 3 game, Gun Robots. In this platform game, you take control of a squad of mechanized killer bots.

Create your own robot using a range of parts that are readily available, program it to carry out activities like mining, patrolling, or fighting other robots, and quickly improve your design with additional parts. In the building game Construct 3, you put LEGO pieces together to create three-dimensional creations.

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