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About Stickman Imposter

Stickman Imposter is a multiplayer action-adventure game. Survive and finish the level with pals. To complete levels, you must work together. Walls, ladders, poles, etc. will force you to think ahead and find alternate solutions to puzzles. - Each level has Stickman foes trying to stop you from exiting. - Each enemy is unique, making them more dangerous.

Stickman Imposter has single-player and co-op modes. In the single-player campaign, you must play as different characters to solve puzzles and advance. Alex, Bill, Bob, Chef, Chad, and Cindy are the playable characters. Each character has unique combat abilities.

To save your buddies, confront the imposters that have taken over Stickman Village. Use your trap or bow to kill as many imposters as possible while staying alive. Death is for the graveyard! It's addicting. For action junkies. Have fun! In this fascinating adventure game, imposters have seized Stickman Village and you must fight them to save your companions. Get a bow and arrow or trap for these slimy adversaries.

A stinking imposter enters your treehouse through a bush. Adventure Escape Games' renowned point-and-click game begins here. Make it home before the imposter does! Bob the Stickman uses stink bombs to scare foes. You'll require puzzle-solving, memorization, and wits.

Action-packed Stickman vs. Imposter! As a, you're lucky. You can now travel everywhere in this thrilling town as anyone. "That's right!" when asked your name. The Stickman Imposter!"

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