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Noob vs Zombie

About Noob vs Zombie

Noob vs Zombie lets you explore biomes full of zombies and enemies. The pro abandoned Noobik amid the undead labyrinths. Conquer each biome and combat the zombies to locate Pro and fight the cheater and his sneaky technology in an epic battle. Earn coins to buy and upgrade weapons and uncover chests for gold and mysteries. Explore villages, tunnels, deserts, and the North Pole, avoiding traps, adversaries, and riddles to achieve your quest.

Enjoy leveling up and collecting values. Can you face zombies, bosses, Pro, and Cheater? Try it now. Websat Game's free "Noob vs Zombie" offers endless enjoyment. Enjoy the thrilling zombie and skeleton fights. Noob vs. Zombie adds 100 zombies, new items and bombs, and impassable labyrinths with automatic staircases. For extra fun, buy new weapons and upgrade them to defeat the fiercest opponents. Join over two million gamers and prove your superiority by defeating the Cheater, locating Pro, and killing a thousand zombies. You'll overcome puzzles and obstacles in villages, caves, deserts, and even the North Pole.

You'll meet characters who give you cash and other useful goods. The Cheater will use his devious inventions to hinder your advancement. Noob vs. Zombie is a fun and engaging game. This action-adventure game will appeal to players with its hard gameplay, thrilling combat, and enigmatic hidden goodies. Noob vs. Zombie lets you seek and chase through a dangerous and mysterious world.

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