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Dumb Ways To Die

About Dumb Ways To Die

In the amusing game Dumb Ways To Die, players must figure out how to avoid getting obliterated. Playing a variety of minigames will help you solve the riddles and complete them all. Because you only have three lives, be careful! The game is entertaining and imparts a lot of useful lessons.

Each job carries 100 points when finished. Obtain points to open a number of fun features. The game gets more challenging as you advance through the levels. Take it easy and don't put too much pressure on yourself when playing this game. A different character—such as Numpty, Happless, Dippy, and others—appear in each minigame. There is a distinct playable character for each mission.

Tips and Tricks

- Eliminate wasps from a person's face.
- Swiftly evade a bear.
- Wipe the screen clean of the vomit.
- Take the toast out of the toaster using a fork.
- Avoid pressing the urge to a big red button.
- The player's character should be free of the piranha.
- Take a shot from an elk mimic.
- Take immediate action to put out the fire in your hair.
- Learn how to blow into the plane like a microphone to make it float in the air.

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